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All about beanies!

- a bit of wool, a lot of style
- stitches and pompoms
- colors, patterns

Oversize Beanie
With its more elongated shape, he allows to avoid your hairstyle to flatten too much. It envelops the head without overtighten. His length also allows the appearance of folds on the nape of the neck, giving a more alive shape. It’s ideal if you do not like the "big ball" look which gives the most classical forms.
Pom beanie
He returns fashionably and assumes better and better, including for the men with pompoms which are even bigger and bigger as the seasons go by. The pompom can decorate quite typical of hat: Peruvians, oversize, classic.
It's traditionally worn throughout the Andean region to protect the head and ears from the cold. It often shows typical features of the region, like the poncho. It is now worn all over the world.
Visor beanie
He presents a more sportswear style with his short visor. He offers a double protection against the cold and the sun which turns out considerable in front of winter sun always too low, it’s appreciated in particular on ski runs.
Docker's beanie
Cuffed beanie, it owes its name to dockers among whom of them many have returned the edges of their caps to remove heat during physical phases of their work. Shorter, smaller, some only cover the top of the ears.
Until recently, this hat was ranked among the most technical clothing, useful against extreme cold. Recent years have radically changed the situation, if they retain their protective quality models are now much more in trends, with shapes, colors or patterns registered in the current mode. We have seen the appearance of much more feminine and a little less voluminous models, halfway with the Peruvian hat.

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